Safety Tips For Boating Season

As the temperatures begin to climb, more and more people are making plans to head out on the water.  Texas is a vast land with many options for water recreation, whether it be in man made lakes or naturally occurring … Continued

Texas Dram Shop Claims

A “dram shop” is technically any establishment in which alcoholic beverages are consumed and/or sold. Some examples of this would be a restaurant or a bar. A dram shop law/act holds the establishment liable for any injuries that resulted from … Continued

What To Do After Getting Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is uncomfortable and can be truly horrible to deal with. If you have been made ill from consuming contaminated food, you may be wondering whether or not you can make a case for yourself. The answer is yes! … Continued

South By Southwest Accident Strikes Austin

South by Southwest is an Austin, Texas famous festival that thousands of people flock to every year. The festival takes place in March and has interactive, music and film events for people to attend.  There is an abundance of free … Continued

Lemon Law Basics

Lemon laws are enforced by the states to protect vehicle owners that have had significant defects in newly purchased or leased vehicles. If you have purchased or leased a vehicle in the last 12 months that has developed a defect … Continued

The Severity of Construction Site Accidents

Though today’s construction sites are a lot safer than they used to be, construction sites are extremely dangerous places to be. Construction has forever been and still is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Construction … Continued

How To Fight A Misdiagnosis

Many malpractice lawsuits stem from a case involving misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. These lawsuits are very difficult for a patient to win because the law does not hold doctors legally responsible for all diagnostic errors. Patients have to prove three … Continued

Depositions In A Car Accident Injury Case

A lawsuit has been filed in a car accident case; the next step is developing your case. One of the key steps in developing your case is through a process called “discovery”. This is the legal means through which parties … Continued

Avoiding Boating Accidents This Spring

Though going boating in the Texas heat is meant to be a fun, sun-filled occasion, boating accidents do happen and are rather common. Boating is a good time, but involves travelling at high speeds and it is sometimes harder to … Continued