Compensation for Brain Trauma

Dallas Car Accident AttorneysYou can never be too careful when dealing with injuries to the head.  The long-term repercussions of serious brain damage can be incredibly debilitating and may even cost a victim their life.  If you or a loved one has ever been in an accident resulting in serious head or brain trauma, you are well aware of the associated expenses.  Surgery, long-term care, therapy and other general disability charges can pile up very quickly.

The Law Offices of W.T. Johnson has over 25 years of experience helping people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area get back on their feet after such a serious event.  Let our law team go to work for you, demanding the retribution you deserve from those responsible.

We’ve Recovered Over $63,000,000 for Our Clients

The brain damage lawyers at W.T. Johnson use every resource available to gather information about a particular case.  We employ the aid of medical professionals, therapists, and neurologists to determine the full extent of the associated injury.  We then use this information to develop an all-encompassing claim analysis, providing the complete financial impact the injury has had and will have on a client’s life.

We represent clients who have experienced a wide range of brain damage related accidents, including but not limited to:

We’ll Tell the Other Side About the Impact on Your Life

Receiving an initial settlement that covers all known expenses, and provides aid in other parts of a victim’s life, is rare.  Due to this, our attorneys create “Day in the Life” videos, documenting the daily challenges a particular client may face.  These videos will very clearly explain how difficult getting around, working and taking care of children have become.  It is important that your story be told, so that a fair compensation decision can be made.

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