Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Personal Injury DallasNursing homes across the United States have made vast improvements over the years in the care of our elderly. There are, however, nursing homes that remain a dark dungeon, if not by their poor appearance and presentation, by their lackluster service and most unfortunately, their negligence. Nursing home abuse has been a long time problem and it is because of caring children that many of them are brought into compliance and cease to mistreat our loved ones.

The attorneys at the W.T. Johnson legal firm have tried dozens of nursing home abuse cases bringing to justice companies with a sole focus on profit and little focus on the wellbeing of the elderly they are paid to take good care of.

Why Does The W.T. Experience Matters In Nursing Home Abuse Cases?

The W.T. Johnson attorneys are experienced in handling the convoluted legal system that surrounds litigation against nursing homes in all of Texas. Nursing homes in Texas operate under tort-reform laws and along with these regulations, rigid limitations for compensation are put in place along with strict statute of limitations that once expired, prevent any Dallas nursing home victim from filing an otherwise perfectly viable personal injury claim. Should you find a loved one under less than expected care in a nursing home in Dallas, Fort Worth or metro area, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible, avoiding the expiration of a possible claim. Since the W.T. Johnson team has defended several cases of nursing home abuse in Dallas, your loved one will benefit from this experience and will enjoy the possibility of better care as soon as the verdict is read.


What Constitutes Nursing Home Abuse?

The W.T. Johnson attorneys have tried and won several cases against local and national nursing home companies for various cases of negligence. Typical nursing home abuse cases include:

Wrongful death: Nursing home patients are there for a reason: they need care. Often times, due to short-handed staff, carelessness or downright laziness, patients perish for lack of proper care, medication, and attention. Many cases involving the death of a nursing home patient could be avoided if diligent and proper care were rendered unto such individual.

Slip and fall: Nursing home neglect often times comes in the form of careless maintenance rendered by the staff that is unaware of the fact that the elderly walking through the hallways many times suffer from poor sight, poor motor coordination, mental debilitation or a combination of all three.


Bedsores: Nursing home patients are often times unable to move themselves in their bed, requiring the attention and care of a nurse to accomplish the simplest of tasks. Unfortunately, many elderly, for lack of proper care in nursing homes end up developing bedsores, pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers, which in some cases can be fatal.

Misdiagnosis: It isn’t uncommon for nursing home patients to be misdiagnosed and treated for their ailment with the wrong kind of therapy or medication. Nursing homes, like any other business, seek to maximize their profits, but to the unfortunate reality of its patients, this often times comes at the cost of their health and dignity.

Over Sedation: Nursing home abuse in Dallas and everywhere often comes in the form of over sedation. A patient that is constantly sedated does not offer a challenge to the staff and keeps the day going smoothly. That is, however, a form of abuse in that it is almost as though the soul of the nursing home patient is being taken away by heavy sedatives as to not inconvenience the nursing home staff.

There are a number of other cases of nursing home abuse that would qualify for proper rectification under Texas law. This is by no means an exhaustive list of such circumstances.

Resident’s Rights While In A Nursing Home

Dallas nursing home residents enjoy the same rights and privileges as any other citizen in the great state of Texas.

  • Nursing home residents have the right to observe their own religion and exercise their faith as they please
  • Nursing home residents, when mentally capable, have the right to be informed of their medical history and condition
  • Nursing home residents have the right to timely access to specialty care and confidentiality protection
  • Nursing home residents have the right to their financial situation in what concerns their engagement with the facility that cares for them
  • Nursing home residents have the right to receive visitors of their choice, whether it be family or friends save if mentally incapacitated
  • Among many other rights, nursing home residents have the right to dignified, respectful treatment and care, without undue familiarity

Who Should Intervene Should Nursing Home Abuse Be Identified?

If not themselves, usually the people responsible for nursing home residents are family members, often times, the children or close relatives to the resident. If the resident has a guardian other than a family member, it is important that someone with emotional vested interest in the wellbeing of the nursing home resident take part in the process of understanding whether or not nursing home abuse is taking place. Unfortunately, apart from loving ties usually common among family members, people have a tendency to deal with nursing home abuse with a dismissive attitude, or as a simple business transaction. Close family involvement in the life of a nursing home resident is also a factor in the quality of treatment the resident receives. If nursing home abuse is identified, the family member most closely involved in the life of the nursing home resident should contact an attorney immediately, as statute of limitations can quickly expire, leaving your loved one without any recourse.

W.T. Johnson Is The Right Law Firm. Here’s Why:

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Have you noticed or suspected any of the following?

  • Dehydration
  • Poor basic care
  • Poor record keeping
  • Change in behavior of the patient
  • Change in mood of the patient
  • Unusual bruises or scratches or other injury
  • Bedsores
  • Missing medication or medication not taken
  • Missing personal items

Hold health care providers responsible for nursing home abuse by contacting the nursing home abuse lawyers at The Law Offices of W.T. Johnson to stop nursing home abuse now. Time is of the essence. Protecting elderly loved ones is the right thing to do — and comes first with the nursing home abuse attorneys at W.T. Johnson.