Dallas Defective Auto Parts

At the Law Offices of W.T. Johnson, we take product liability and malfunctioning goods very seriously. In the case of motor vehicles, auto makers are held to the highest standard of safety, especially when it comes to you and your family. Manufacturers, who fail to offer the basic level of quality control, or worse, attempt to cover up any deficiencies in their production, need to be held accountable.

If you or a loved one has recently dealt with or been injured by a defective piece of equipment in a motor vehicle, give us a call. For 25 years the experienced Dallas personal injury attorneys at W.T. Johnson have helped the victims of assembly line failure and auto manufacturer negligence receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. Call (214) 231-0544 for more information or use the contact form on this page to send us your questions.

Different Types of Defects

Cars are complex machines that require a good deal of maintenance. With proper care, a well-oiled and finely-tuned vehicle can last for decades. But in some instances, problems arise long before the typical wear and tear of the road takes its toll. Manufacturing error or assembly line failure can lead to catastrophic malfunction in one or more of the intricate parts found on a car – and in turn, put your health and the lives of your family in danger. The following are just some of the defective parts we’ve encountered over the years:

Roof Crush & Structural Integrity – By law, manufacturers must place each car model through a rigorous safety protocol in order to prove both its crash and road worthiness. This ensures the vehicle’s body and frame will stand up to the extreme pressures found in most crash scenarios. Failing to meet the basic federal standards of safety is potential grounds for a lawsuit.

Defective Tires – A number of high profile cases involving Ford and Firestone tires led to improved safety when it comes to the sturdiness of tires on the road. However, tire separation, de-tread, and blowout can occur if there was defects already present in the tire’s physical composition.

Fuel Tanks – This particular defect gained notoriety during the late-70s with the Ford Pinto. Structural defects within the fuel tank led to increased odds of leakage and explosion during an accident. Ford management was eventually taken to court over the issue and slapped with punitive damages for their apparent reluctance to address the problem, even after being alerted to its presence. Gas tank defects are particularly dangerous because of their proximity to combustible elements.

Airbags & Seatbelts – Along with structural integrity, airbags and seatbelts must perform perfectly under duress. If one or more safety features of a car fail to deploy during an accident, the results can be disastrous. On the other hand, airbags that deploy too early or with too much force can also be of grave concern.

Part of the Solution

Auto makers will do everything in their power to maintain an image of safety, security, and trust in their product – even if that means concealing faults that have done you or family member harm. At the Law Offices W.T. Johnson, we’ll make sure they’ve got nowhere to hide. Our team of highly skilled litigators will research, interview, and dig deep until we find the truth. Your rights and the well-being of your family come before company profits and we will work tirelessly to secure the compensation you deserve. Contact our office at (214) 231-0544 for a free and comprehensive consultation today.