Investigating Trucking Accidents

Determining cause is an important part of our investigation. Understanding who is at fault provides us with the information we’ll use to attain proper compensation for our clients. In most cases, trucking companies employ “rapid response teams” that race to the scene of an accident, within an hour of it occurring. Getting there first provides them with a sizable advantage in any potential claim of negligence. In certain extreme cases, some of these teams have even been known to collect important evidence suggesting liability, before a proper investigation can take place. Without this vital information, the truth may be lost, resulting in an unfair ruling.

W.T. Johnson’s primary concerns are with truth and responsibility. Through our investigatory efforts it is our goal to discover the facts surrounding any truck accident claim, as well as who should be held responsible. We know that this is a difficult time for you and your family, and the last thing you want to worry about is financial compensation. Allow our experienced Dallas-Fort Worth legal team to go to work for you.

Experience With Truck Accident Investigations

For more than 25 years, The Law Office of W.T. Johnson has been helping clients reach settlements with their serious truck accident claims. No matter how unclear evidence may initially appear to be, we won’t leave any stone unturned.

A considerable part of our investigation focuses on statements we obtain from various sources. Officers, witnesses, drivers, etc. In addition, we spend considerable effort documenting as much additional information as we can including:

  • Truck maintenance records
  • Log books
  • Fuel tickets
  • Dispatch sheets

Any one of these pieces of evidence may tell a larger story, which could have lead to the accident in question. We make sure to properly evaluate everything we uncover to understand its importance within a particular case.

Additionally, truck accident claims rarely involve just the driver. More frequently there are numerous other companies and organizations involved that require investigation as well. We understand the trucking industry and understand where to go to find the information we need.

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