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Do You Know the New 2019 Laws in Texas?

By The Law Office of WT Johnson on February 13, 2019

Each year in the United States, thousands of new laws are passed by state legislatures. Last year, the Texas legislature gave merchants the option to require photo identification with every debit or credit purchase, gave voters alternative options for identification, and required commercial health insurance providers to dictate more comprehensive coverage for breast cancer prevention. Read the rest »

Posted in: Personal Injury

Who Polices the Police?

By The Law Office of WT Johnson on December 29, 2018

The men and women of law enforcement are among the bravest individuals in the world. They wake up every day and go to a job that most of us cannot even imagine, rush into harm’s way to keep strangers safe, and face dangers that other people go to great lengths to avoid. Police officers throughout Texas who do their jobs with respect and dignity are the finest examples of what it means to be a Texan. Read the rest »

Posted in: Police Misconduct

Parking Lots Are a Major Holiday Danger Zone

By The Law Office of WT Johnson on December 16, 2018

Come the holidays, we are often presented with images of crowds stampeding to get to a sale item—but the real danger for most shoppers is in the parking lot. Read the rest »

After a Crime, You May Have a Claim Against the Property Owner

By The Law Office of WT Johnson on November 30, 2018

When you slip and fall because a grocery store failed to display a “wet floor” sign, or you are injured in an elevator that your apartment complex failed to maintain, the staff or the property owner can be held liable for failing to provide a safe environment for you. This is the legal concept of premises liability in Texas.

What many victims of crime don’t realize is that property owners also have a duty to keep visitors safe from foreseeable criminal activity. Read the rest »

Posted in: Premises Liability

Think Twice Before Taking the Escalator

By The Law Office of WT Johnson on November 15, 2018

The machines we use to go about our lives each day don’t seem dangerous. We don’t think twice about getting in our cars to drive to and from work, but it’s the most dangerous thing most Americans do on a given day. If you live in a metropolitan area, taking an escalator to the train or inside your office building is part of your routine.

You may want to think twice about taking the escalator next time, however, because if something goes wrong, it can be life-threatening.   Read the rest »

Posted in: Personal Injury

Should You Beware of Contaminated Candy on Halloween?

By The Law Office of WT Johnson on October 20, 2018

Halloween is supposed to be an evening of pure joy for American families, but parents are becoming increasingly worried about the candy their children receive from strangers. While contaminated Halloween candy is rare, there may be other dangers lurking in plastic cauldrons. Read below for tips and tricks on how to keep Halloween safe and fun for kids and adults in Dallas. Read the rest »

Posted in: Food Poisoning

Even Off-Duty, Officers Must Be Held Responsible

By The Law Office of WT Johnson on October 8, 2018

In early September 2018, Dallas police officer Amber Guyger returned to her apartment complex after her shift and entered a unit she claims she thought was her own. Once inside the room, Guyger shot and killed the man who actually lived in the apartment, thinking he was an intruder. Guyger was still in uniform, but was off-duty at the time. She was charged with manslaughter and fired from the Dallas police department (CNN). Read the rest »

Posted in: Police Misconduct

The Troubling Trend of Police Sexual Misconduct

By The Law Office of WT Johnson on September 19, 2018

A police officer is accused of an act of sexual misconduct at least every five days in the United States. A national analysis found more than 500 officer arrests for sexual misconduct over a three-year period.

It’s hard to face these numbers, because police officers are supposed to be a source of trust and aid. As stories of egregious police brutality continue to surface in the media, we’ve been forced to readjust our image of the police and the pedestal upon which we may have put them. Read the rest »

Posted in: Police Misconduct

Texas Livestock Car Accidents Present a Real Danger

By The Law Office of WT Johnson on September 7, 2018

Bovines find ways to escape and occasionally end up on the road. The idea of a cow on the loose sounds comical, but unfortunately, it almost never is. Crashing into a cow or other livestock is a real danger in Texas, and as the state with the most cattle, it is not uncommon, either. Read the rest »

Posted in: Car Accidents

Oil Extraction: Is the Pay Worth the Risk?

By The Law Office of WT Johnson on August 22, 2018

In May 2018, a group of workers brought a lawsuit against the San Antonio-based refiner Valero Energy Corporation for injuries they suffered in a refinery explosion. The group of 28 employees was working near the facility’s alkylation unit when a line carrying flammable liquids failed, causing the explosion. Read the rest »

Posted in: Workplace Accidents

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